About Us

About Us

Langair Compressor Machinery (shanghai) Co,. Ltd (LANGAIR) has specialized in RD and manufacture air compressor, our mission is to Provide quantifiable returns to round the world customers, Langair Compressor Company (USA) entered Shanghai, China in 2007 and established the factory there. At present, it has established sales and after-sales offices in 15 provinces,The compressors we sell have occupied about 30% of the Chinese market, and the quality of our products has passed the test in the domestic market. In 2017, it began to enter the foreign market.

Reliable Product Quality

We have strict product quality testing procedures to ensure the good quality screw air compressor before shipment.

Suitable for different production

Top machinery and equipment

Focused on air compressors for 13 years, serving more than 5,000 companies