PM VFD screw

Two-stage compression Double Screw permanent magnetic variab

Motor powe:55~355KW
Air flow:8.6~67.5m³/min

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Two-stage compression Double Screw permanent magnetic variable frequency Air Compressor Series Advantage
Won the award of Level 1Energy Efficiency Grade Certification
Compared with level 2 Energy Efficiency Grade,Energy Saved 10%-15%
Compared with Level 3 Energy Efficiency Grade,Energy Saved 20%-30%
Power range:90kW-355kW

Air End

Double stage compression compared to single-stage compression,the two compression tends to the most provincial power of the isothermal compression,from the principle, the single-stage compression of the two compression energy saving 5%-8%.
According to thermodynamic theory works, isothermal compression process in the compressor compression most provincial power.

Screw rotor adopts a two-stage compression engine,is to use two groups of size is not consistent,reasonable distribution of pressure,lowering the pressure level at each level compression ratio;A,reduce the leakage and improve the Volume efficiency.B,reduce the bearing load,improve the bearing life,prolong the life of the host.
With the more excellent profile,the friction resistance of the motor running, the energy consumption and vibration of energy consumption and the vibration will be inlet,and the intake noise is reduce is reduced..Direct drive ,high efficiency ,low vibration,low noise.
Novel atomization cooling design: inter stage cooling lubricating oil advanced automatic lubricating oil atomization technology is adopted in the design, atomization cooling and lubricating oil can be quickly absorbed the first stage compres- sion heat generated in the process to ensure into the secondary compression of compression of compressed air is fully cooled, greatly reduced the energy loss. Save the intercooler, reduce the pressure loss, reduce maintenance costs.
The area of 0-1-2T-3-0 is required for isothermal compression,and the area of 0-1-2m-3-0 is the work required for the variable compression(real compression process)...It can be seen from the diagram that the work required for isothermal compression is less than that of the power of the variable from the point of consumption power, it can not only reduce the consumption of power,but also reduce the temperature of compressed gas, so that the air compressor running more reliable.

Butterfly valve body automatically adjust the flow function(called the fuzzy control technology in the high tech.)
stepless of regulation system range up to 0-100%;unload without venting,effectively reduce energy consumption,gas control,safe and

Selection of imported MANN heavy air filter:high filtering precision,large filter area,effectively reduce the inspiratory resistance;increase the security filter,the cyclone filtering mechanism;in heavy dust conditions, effectively improve the safety coefficient and the filtration efficiency,prolong the service life of the air filter,reduce cost of maintenance of the machine,to ensure that the service life of the whole machine.

Low Noise Design
Selection of large diameter,low speed of the low noise fan:provide large quantity can effectively reduce the fan noise.Totally enclosed mute type design,accord with international working noise standard. 

Highly Efficient Separation of Oil and Gas System
The oil content of the compressed air of the outlet is only 2ppm by using the three stage method(cyclone seperation method,sedimentation separation method and the fine filtration method).The first level is the cyclone separation method,compressor discharge has mixture in the oil and gas cut to enter the barrel body,flows along the inner wall of the cylinder,under centrifugal force and gravity,oil drop coalescence on the inner rotary sedimentation,95%of the oil is separated.The second stage uses the method of settlement separation,the oil gas is back on the gas mixture,and the interception is blocked by the separator. The third level with fine filtration and gas containing small amount of oil mist to separator filter, filter of gas in the oil mist of final interception and polymerization,fine separation,compressed air oil content is less than or equal to 2 ppm.