Oil-free screw

Water lubricated oil free variable frequency screw air compr

Motor powe:11~280KW
Air flow:0.48~21m³/min

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Introduction of permanent magnet synchronizing Variable frequency Screw Compressor
Compared with power frequency compressor, the variable frequency compressor not only have the clear benefit of energy saving, also provide stable output pressure and motor power factor,and effectively reduce the start power and lengthen compressor service life. 
Water lubricated oil free variable frequency screw air compressor is the energy saving frequency converter that control motor and screw air end,and compared with the compressor controlled by power frequency,it has the most realistic signifi-cance for saving energy.
It is the most economic operation mode to supply compressor electric energy as per air delivery requirements and can save electric fee 15~30%,which can get the invest money back within half a year to a year. The high efficiency water lubricating oil free variable speed single screw air compressor ,can realize step-less speed regulating as per customers air consumption and keep the best operation efficiency between output air delivery and system consumption to realize the effect of energy saving. because of strong automatic adjusting ability,it can quickly reflect the change of system pressure and keep the best operation efficiency.

Introduction of permanent magnet synchronizing Variable frequency Screw Compressor
Get the deviation by preparing the pipeline network pressure value measured by pressure transmitter and the setting value,calculate the frequency value of frequency converter to asynchronous motor via PID regulator. Get the corresponding rotation speed in motor via the AC power of frequency converter’s corresponding output frequency and amplitude. Then Corresponding compressed air from compressor will be output to air tank so the pressure changes until the pipeline network pressure is the same with setting pressure value. It has the obvious energy saving effect.

Water lubricated oil-free variable frequency air compressor Advantages
not often running in high speed area, prolong the life of motor and main engine bearing. The variable frequency operation maintains the pressure stability of the outlet pressure of the storage tank, and the pressure fluctuation range cannot exceed ±0.2bar. Starting from 0 HZ,The frequency converter start accelerating time can be adjusted, which can reduce the impact of the electrical components and mechanical components of the compressor when starting.and enhancing the reliability of the system and lengthening service life of the compressor.Motor low running speed can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of air compressor.Compared with the original system,the noise reduce to 3-7db.Variable speed control can reduce the current fluctuation when starting the compressor,which will affect the electricity using of power grid and other equipment.Frequency converter can effectively reduce the peek date of starting current to the minimum.without affecting the electricity using of power grid and other equipment .The most important one is low operation cost,and the energy cost fall around 44.3%,which have rather consider-able benefit.