oil-injected screw

Variable-frequency screw air compressor series

Motor powe:22~250KW
Air flow:2.5~43m³/min

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  • Product Description
Every model has a corresponding frequency conversion compressor which controls the air controls the air flow by changing the rotational speed of motor,making the air output and electricity consumption smoothly vary synchronously with the different air flow .when the air use quantity falls ,the air supply decreases and so dose the electricity consumption for energy conservation in addition to that frequency conversion air compressors have the same good quality as other ERC models,the quality frequency converter will further better the result of energy conservation.with the help of the PID regulator disposed in a frequency converter,it can start up smoothly,causes little impact on the power grid and generates great low-frequency start moment of current vector control and small running current.then the air use decreases ,the compressors enter the sleeping status,saving considerable energy.moreover,digital to analog conversion is highly accurate the integration design features few fault points.