oil-injected screw

Medium pressure screw air compressor series

Motor powe:18.5~250KW
Air flow:1.73~23.8m³/min

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Medium pressure screw air compressor series Advantage
The research and development team of langair first introduced the two-stage compressed single screw compressor in the global range. Widely applied to Industrial production and military.There are a lot of medium-pressure compressed air that will be used in the 1.6-4.0 MPa, such as industrial production and military and defense facilities; At present in the country and even most of the international use of piston air compressor; However, the piston air pressure vibration is large, the noise is high and the leakage is large, so the efficiency is very low, and the same power produces a small amount of gas. The development of the Langair two-stage compression single-screw compressor will fill the domestic and international blanks and Langair will also be a contributor to the global Medium pressure screw air compressor.