Maintenance and repair of screw air compressor2018-05-31 16:23

In recent years, piston compressors are gradually being replaced in the field of medium-pressure, medium- and low-pressure displacement in various industries, and their use is becoming more and more widespread. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the correct maintenance and maintenance methods of the screw air compressor. It is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the compressor unit, and it is also an important prerequisite for extending the life of the compressor and reducing the wear of parts.

Maintenance and maintenance The maintenance and maintenance methods of the main components of the screw air compressor are as follows 2.1 Air filter The air filter is an important protective barrier for the compressor. Its function is to filter out the dust in the compressor intake air and ensure the intake air. It is clean to prolong the service life of the oil filter oil-gas separator core and oil, and it is also an important gateway to ensure that the host is not damaged by foreign objects. Usually every 10001 in the stop state to remove the filter to remove surface dust. The method of removing dust is to use dry compressed air below 0.23 to blow out the dust particles attached to the outside of the filter element from the inner cavity of the filter element, and then clean the dirt on the inner wall of the filter cover to replace the filter element. Under normal circumstances, the filter element needs to be replaced every 4 000 w / r. That is, the filter element must be replaced after being cleaned for 4, 5 times. However, in dusty areas, the time interval between cleaning and replacement of the filter element should be shortened. Otherwise, the overdue use of the filter element will be very harmful. For example, if the exhaust volume is reduced, the resistance of the filter element is increased, the energy consumption of the unit is increased, and the filter element may be damaged and enter the main engine.

Oil filter The function of the oil filter is to remove impurities such as metal particulate oil degradation products in the oil. The filtration accuracy is between 1015 and it has perfect protection for bearings and rotors. Whether the oil filter is replaced or not can be judged according to its differential pressure finger. The oil filter must be replaced when it is blocked. The general new unit needs to replace the oil filter after the first operation of 500, and then replace it according to the differential pressure finger. If the pressure difference of the oil filter is large and it is not replaced, it may result in insufficient oil intake and high exhaust temperature, which will affect the bearing life of the host. Change the motor acceleration and deceleration too fast to avoid current overshoot.

Oil fine separator The oil fine separator is a component that separates compressed air and lubricating oil. The size of the oil particles in the compressed air can be controlled below 0.1μl. The oil content is less than 3xl0. Under normal operation, the oil fine separator can About 40001 is used, but the quality of the lubricating oil and the degree of pollution of the surrounding environment have a great impact on its service life. Therefore, in the harsh use environment, the maintenance and replacement cycle of the air filter element must be shortened, and even the installation of a front air filter is considered. When the oil fine separator expires or the pressure difference is greater than 0.1213, it must be replaced, otherwise it will cause the motor to overload the oil fine separator and damage the oil.

Lubricating oil has a decisive influence on the performance of screw air compressors. Improper use or error will cause serious damage to the compressor body. Good oils have the characteristics of good anti-oxidation stability, quick separation, no foaming, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The selection of lubricating oil is generally in accordance with the oil grade recommended by the screw air compressor manufacturer. The lubricating oil should be replaced on time, avoid overdue use, otherwise the quality of the oil will decline, the lubricity will be poor, the ignition point will drop, and it is easy to cause accidents. After the compressor is used for 2 years, the lubricant can be used for secondary system cleaning.

The normal and reliable operation of the screw air compressor cannot be done without proper maintenance and repair. For screw air compressors of different models and different brands, detailed maintenance plans should be formulated according to their maintenance requirements, and dedicated personnel should conduct regular inspection records to perfect the unit and keep it clean, so as to ensure the normal operation of the compressor and extend the service life of the unit.