Handling of common problems of air compressor2020-05-07 16:18

One. The main reason for solenoid valve leakage:

1. There is slag inside the solenoid valve.

2. The solenoid valve burned due to voltage instability.

3. There is foreign matter in the silicone inside the check valve.

Solution: Open the one-way valve to clean up the foreign objects, and smooth the silicone surface with sand cloth.

Second. Cause of oil leakage? Is the product starved of oil?

1. The oil drain screw is leaking, the cylinder gasket is leaking, and the cylinder screw is not tightened.

2. The air cylinder or box has air holes or trachoma.

3. The oil drain screw leaks so that the nut is screwed out and the rubber pad is not damaged or squeezed into the hole.

Solution: Check the location of the oil leakage, determine the location of the oil leakage, replace / tighten the screws and glue or wrap the biotech belt.

three. Blow-by phenomenon.

1. There is oil leakage from the cylinder head, there is oil in the gas tank, too much oil is added, the model of the oil is not correct. The cylinder is not pulled in time for maintenance.


1. Open the cylinder screw and check if the piston ring buckle is aligned.

2. Check the piston ring for wear.

3. Check the cylinder for strain.

Four. The customer needs to change the oil once a week. The belt conveyor uses: summer (L-DAA150) compressor oil. In winter (L-DAA100) compressor oil, use No. 68 motor oil for direct connection.

Fives. Causes of air leakage and return air?

1. As a result, the gas intake is slow, the work starts frequently, the gas source is wasted, and the gas consumption cannot keep up.

2. The location of the main leaks: bleed valve, drain valve, safety valve, check valve, pressure regulating valve, unloading valve, pressure gauge, high pressure pipe connection, air storage tank and other glue leak or poor sealing and Stomata trachoma.

3. Solutions:

1. Use a soapy water brush to find out the location of the leak.

2. Unscrew the screw with air leakage, wrap it with raw material tape, 704 glue or liquid oxygen glue, and screw it back.

3. Repair the leaking position after the leaking gas from the gas tank is released.

Six. The return air from the one-way valve generates an excessively high air pressure in the tank, which causes fuel injection.

Reasons: 1. The spool (silica gel) inside the check valve has impurities or foreign objects or unevenness.

2. The pressure switch unloading valve is damaged.

Seven. The cause and solution of the blow-by gas?

1. Inspection method: blocking the air intake hole by hand is the position of the muffler, if there is gas flowing out, it is blow-by gas.

2. It will lead to slow gas supply speed, can not go up to a certain pressure, burn the valve piece, increase the temperature of the cylinder head, the life of the host is short

the reason:

1. There is debris under the valve plate, and impurities cause a gap between the valve plate and the valve plate.

2. The use environment is too bad, impurities and dust enter.

3. Not installed properly.


1. Check if the valve plate is warped

2. Open the cylinder head to clean the debris and foreign objects under the valve plate.

3. Reassemble the valve.

Eight. Air leakage between cylinder head and valve plate and cylinder:

1. Paper pad burst

2. Cylinder head screws are not tight

3. The cylinder, valve plate and cylinder head are uneven

4. There are foreign objects under the paper pad

Nine. CBB60 is the running capacitor and CD60 is the starting capacitor.

Ten. Adjustment method of pressure switch:

Bedroom pressure switch adjustment steps:

1. Slotted metal screws adjust the take-off pressure, the torque is to adjust the take-off pressure up, and the reverse is to adjust the down pressure.

2. The black plastic screw adjusts the reset pressure, and the torque is the upper pressure for adjusting the pressure, and the reverse is the lower pressure for adjusting the reset.

3. It is not recommended that the customer adjust the pressure of the factory-made air compressor, the life will be reduced, and the damage is not within the scope of the three guarantees.

Eleven. The four major uses of motor oil: lubrication, sealing, cooling, noise reduction

Twelve. The length of the power cord is about five meters (the power cord should not be too long, too thin will cause the machine to fail to start, burn the machine, etc.)

Thirteen. Main reasons for non-stop

1. The wire is not connected correctly and connected to the motor.

Solution: Connect the wire to the L1 / L2 / L3 of the external protector (After the new machine is connected, check whether the reverse direction is in line with the direction of the arrow of the grille. If the direction is incorrect, exchange the two with L1 / L2 / L3)

XIV. Does not start / difficult to start

1. The power line connected to the air compressor is too thin, the square number is not enough, or the connected line is too long, resulting in too large loss.

2. The pressure switch is not turned on

3. Poor line contact


1. Replace the length of the appropriate square power outlet and power cord.

2. Check whether the pressure switch is closed.

Fifteen. Oil-on-line is suitable for construction and decoration, pneumatic work paint spraying and other places with low origin requirements

XVI. An air compressor is an air pressure generating device, which is a conversion device that converts mechanical energy into gas pressure energy.

Seventeen. Divided according to working principle:

1. Positive displacement compressor: use variable displacement to increase gas pressure

2. Power compressor: Convert gas kinetic energy into pressure energy, that is, convert gas velocity into pressure.


According to the exhaust pressure is divided into:

Low-pressure compressor> 0.2> 1.0mpa

Medium pressure compressor> 1.0> 10mpa

High-pressure compressor> 10> 100mpa

Ultra high pressure compressor> 100mpa