The oil industry2020-05-09 15:22

  1、the oil field
  2、terminal storage
  3、 petroleum refining,
  One of the industry overview: the oil industry, fuel industry. From exploration and production to processing a series of process is completed by the oil sector, oil sectors of the national economy to provide all kinds of fuel oil, including natural oil and oil shale exploration, mining, refining, storage and transportation, such as production units, lang gas according to actual working condition of the oil industry research and development design a special air compressor oil, provide the most suitable air compressor for oil users!
  Langair  compressor mining use cases:
  1、field, using Langair  30 cubic air compressor.

  Oil field special air compressor, Langair recommendation model LA - 160GA, more specific technical parameter please read Langair  products center!
  2、  Use 13  cubic langair  compress in a oil depot.

  Oil depot is special air compressor, Langair  recommendation model LA - 75GA, more specific technical parameter please read Langair products center!